As the eco-friendly fashion blog Eco cult explains, up cycling means to transform clothes, accessories, and textile waste into new products. … Up cycled items could be post-consumer waste (items that have been purchased, and discarded) or dead stock (items that did not sell).

Why up cycling?

With the rise in affluence of the emerging countries, fear mounts about the strain on finite resources particularly natural resources.

Up cycling reduces the need for production using new or raw materials like water and other natural resources, which will help us to reduce air pollution, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and often a prevention of wasteful use of global resources.

Up cycling plays a major role in the sustainability criteria of economic, environmental and social dimensions. For the fashion sector up cycling contributes to the elimination of waste through reuse of Fabrics that are waste for another company, conservation of the environment in particular reduction in landfill and pollution through redirection of waste to alternative uses and preservation of natural resources including water and natural fibers through by transforming the waste for another company to new product.

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